The Pulwama attacks have turned into a BJP ad campaign

I had written an article about Dhirubhai Ambani and his corrupt practices to make the Reliance empire more powerful. But the BJP is engaging in even dirtier business in India. This business involves the nation and reaps maximum profits at the very height of a crisis in India.

The anti-muslim sentiment which the BJP promotes in India has risen in the wake of the Pulwama attacks. Everything that the BJP stands for – anti muslim sentiment, violence against muslims, marginalization of minorities, now seems more justified to many Indians. Why wouldn’t it? We save ourselves before others, don’t we? Maybe, the BJP has succeeded in brainwashing their ideology into our minds.

In the wake of the Pulwama attacks in Kashmir, the response in Kashmir highlights a policy failure by the Modi government to control the landscape. UP which is a very important constituency for the Modi government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has already shown Modi more support after the surgical strikes in Pakistan. They patriotic and nationalistic fervour in UP increased with people singing patriotic songs on the streets. This shows that Modi’s response, may or may not have been a politically good decision for India but it sure it a good decision for Modi’s party in the upcoming elections. This explains Modi’s plausible intention of response to the attacks.

The information minister of Pakistan, Fawad Chaudhary said that PM Narendra Modi is the prime beneficiary of the attacks. And looking at the nationalistic fervour with which the surgical strikes were accepted, we can know that Modi’s support for the upcoming elections has increased in many Hindu dominated states. Rahul Gandhi also condemned PM Modi for “not being able to trace 30kg of RDX but being able to trace 3kg of beef”. Modi has received backlash from fewer people for not having created stability in Kashmir than it has received support after the attacks.

Pakistan may just be the new Afghanistan for the US. The US is looking to withdraw from Afghanistan and it is looking forward to investing in some other country. If things between India and Pakistan turn sour and if war does happen, the US is likely to benefit from it. Moreover, China has a lot of stake in Pakistan with the new economic corridor which they are working on. Hence, reports show that by engaging in war, India is harming its international ties with other countries. But if Modi is re-elected, he may just end up taking a few more world tours and re-establish those broken ties.

Rap is the new medium which political parties use for their ad campaigns. Narendra Modi’s new rap song called “Banda apna sahi hai” was used by people and went viral after the Pulwama attacks. This is made after the song “apna time aayega” in Gully boy. This rap video is going viral in India. The movie Uri also became more popularized after the attacks. Hence, terrorism is seen to rise but box office earnings for patriotic films seem higher than usual. And Modi’s ad campaign is just benefitting. There was a recent picture of Modi with various different Bollywood stars and Modi had banned some scenes in all their movies. Hence, these actors can be seen as little minions who are just brainwashing Modi’s ideologies into us. Moreover, censorship in cinema is on the rise and the government has more control over what opinions reach us. This is a good way for any business to erase competition – censorship.

An interesting question to consider is the loop into which Modi’s nationalistic attitude takes India. The anti muslim sentiment in India will increase, there will be more violence against minorities, there will be less policy making in Kashmir and more dissatisfaction for minorities. All of this is now supported by people of India more than ever. We can expect box office earnings for anti-Pakistan and patriotic movies to rise. We can expect more backlash against people in India who are pro-Pakistan. And under these circumstances, the freedom of speech and other freedoms which Muslims in a secular country have will be affected. It isn’t long before the word anti-Pakistan becomes synonymous with patriotic.

If politics was a business and every party made some profit. The BJP has gained more support after Pulwama attacks, it’s ad campaigns have gone viral. Hence, as a business BJP has received more marketing after the attacks and its operations have only increased. The outcome of the Lok Sabha election will to a huge extent determine the ethics and the core values with which BJP continues its operations. Only time will tell how successful the BJP has been over its tenure, but the Lok Sabha elections peek close and what is good for the BJP may not be good for the country. Will the BJP thrive in the upcoming elections?

The lotus comes out of a dirty pond, but the lotus makes the pond look more beautiful. Lotuses only thrive in dirty ponds and politics is dirty business.


Vidhi is an Economics and Finance major and is in her third year at Ashoka. She is interested in Macro-economics and believes that good economic policies can change the face of the nation and improve the quality of life of millions. She is also a trekking enthusiast and absolutely loves to travel. Mountains are the love of her life. Simplicity in people baffles her.

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