Visalakshi Sridharan (Lex)

Visalakshi (Lex) is a first-year, prospective Economics and Finance major at Ashoka University. Her fields of interest include development economics, behavioural economics, cognitive neuroscience and East Asian literature. Born and raised in Bangalore, her hobbies include reading, solving jigsaw puzzles and coming up with innovative ways to get people to pronounce/spell her name right. She hopes to be able to bring to the Review her unique perspective and help make it widely accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.

Fox News: The Mouthpiece of the (Anti?)-Establishment

News agencies in democracies tend to ‘lean’ towards a specific ideology or school of thought on a spectrum. However,…

Build.Operate.Transfer: Fire-Bearing Prometheus or Inevitable Pandora’s Box

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are seen as the tightrope along which a developing economy must walk in order to evade…

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