The Team

Sachi Chopra

Role: Editor-in-Chief

Sachi is a third year undergraduate majoring in Economics and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Having a knack for creativity, she is a self-driven and hardworking individual who enjoys developing new skills and studying entrepreneurial activities. Sachi enjoys partaking in roles that require innovative problem solving, strategy and collaboration. She is an aspiring consultant, and her interests include entrepreneurship, creative journalism and travelling. Along with the Ashoka Business Review, she is also managing a leading society at Ashoka University.


Aditya Vikram

Role: Editor

Aditya is a third year undergraduate student at Ashoka pursuing his degree in Economics and Finance. Chronic sleeper, binge eater, Aditya enjoys watching tv shows, movies or sports as well playing basketball in his free time. As a life-long page turner of financial publications, Aditya hopes to not only pursue his interest in the subject, but also lend a voice to it.


Arjun Keshav

Role: Editor

Arjun is a third year student majoring in Economics and Finance. In Economics, the fields Macroeconomic policy and Financial economics are of special interest to him. International relations and philosophy are other areas that appeal to him. His hobbies include playing cricket, engaging in theatre, cooking and baking. He envisages the Review to be a comprehensive tool, using which different kinds of readers can evaluate present business and economic climates.


Devvrat Raghav

Role: Editor

Devvrat is a third year undergraduate pursuing Economics and Finance. His research interests lie in the political economy and financial technologies. He is specifically fascinated by machine learning and it’s application through big data to common problems. Outside of academia, he enjoys both playing and developing video games, in addition to watching football (not the American kind) and anime.


Sandhya Garimella

Role: Editor

Sandhya is a first year undergraduate student who aspires to major in economics. Economics can unravel the relationships between all domains in society and therefore the subject and it’s scope fascinates her. Her idea of fun includes jamming out to K-pop, reading comics all day long and raving about cinematography.


Saranya Chawla

Role: Editor

Saranya is a third-year English major and Philosophy minor at Ashoka University. While this combination of major and minor is conventionally seen as twice removed from the world of business and economics, Saranya believes it gives her a unique perspective on things. She envisions the ABR to be a major-neutral space where articles are as interdisciplinary and diverse as the world of business is.


Adwitiya Dawn

Role: Writer

Adwitiya is a third year undergraduate studying Economics and Finance at Ashoka University. Born and raised in Calcutta, she swears by her mishti doi. She envisions her writing to be a reflection of her interest in analyzing trends in the financial market and thriving global businesses along with being inspired by innovation in the field of design and technology. Outside of the ABR, she is an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast and an aspiring consultant. With a penchant for travelling the world and meticulousness when it comes to work ethic, she seeks to be a creative problem-solver and to learn something new every day.


Arpita Wadhwa

Role: Writer

Arpita is a first year undergraduate at Ashoka, studying as a prospective Political Science major. Her interests lie in politics, pop culture and everything in between. She considers words to have the potential of driving change and aims to do the same with what she writes.



Karan Jain

Role: Writer

Karan is a third-year Economics and Finance major. In Economics, the field of Microeconomics is of special interest to him. He enjoys watching and playing sports. He feels it is an escape for him from the world. Whenever his day is not going great he watches his favorite teams play to cheer him up.


Shaurya Bhaskar

Role: Writer

Shaurya is a first year undergraduate at Ashoka University. He is a graduate from the Mahindra United World college in Pune. He has worked as a writer for BusinessWorld magazine. A keen interest in literature, sports, art and economics make his articles multi-layered. Through his writing, he wishes to push under-recognised artists and their art to the forefront by looking at them through a business lens.


Uma Shankar

Role: Writer

Umashankar is a first year undergraduate at Ashoka, whose academic interests range from the workings of corporations to the functioning of global politics. He is engrossed by all economic and political activities and maintains a commitment to analyse the ever-changing morality attached to such activities. The ABR is also his first attempt at professional writing, where his role differs from the art of the civilised yet enraging bilingual debate, where he currently maintains some experience.


Vaibhav Parik

Role: Writer

Vaibhav is a second year undergraduate majoring in Economics. He has diverse interests such as politics, literature and tennis, and loves to engage in endless discussions on anything remotely related to them. He loves writing and believes that it allows for a thoughtful consideration of inputs, making it much better than impulsive responses. Among other things, he loves playing tennis, reading new books, quizzing and listening to varieties of music.


Vidhi Bubna

Role: Writer

Vidhi is an Economics and Finance major and is in her third year at Ashoka. She is interested in Macro-economics and believes that good economic policies can change the face of the nation and improve the quality of life of millions. She is also a trekking enthusiast and absolutely loves to travel. Mountains are the love of her life. Simplicity in people baffles her.


Visalakshi Sridharan

Role: Writer

Visalakshi is a first-year, prospective Economics and Finance major at Ashoka University. Her fields of interest include development economics, behavioural economics, cognitive neuroscience and East Asian literature. Born and raised in Bangalore, her hobbies include reading, solving jigsaw puzzles and coming up with innovative ways to get people to pronounce/spell her name right. She hopes to be able to bring to the Review her unique perspective and help make it widely accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.


Vivaan Madhok

Role: Writer

Vivaan is a first year undergraduate, majoring in Economics and Finance. He is interested in financial technology and investment analysis, and hopes to combine different aspects of liberal arts with business to innovate and come up with new ideas.


Siddhi Pal

Role: Creative Head

Siddhi is a third year undergraduate, studying Psychology and Entrepreneurship at Ashoka University. She has studied “Youth and Social Work” from Cambridge University and has been awarded by HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Commonwealth Society for her work towards the society. Her daily life includes coffee, animals, illustrations, art and some more animals.


Prajwal Seth

Role: Web Designer

Prajwal is a second year undergraduate studying Political Science and Computer Science at Ashoka University. His areas of expertise include UI/UX design, video editing, and app development. He has previously worked with the Prime Minister’s Office and Google on the PMO India Android app.


Kamala Rao

Role: Head Illustrator

Kamala is a third year Economics and Finance major. She loves drawing, painting, digital art and product design. Kamala is the cofounder of an on campus business called Jugnu, for which she designs customisable dorm decor products.


Creative Team:  Siddharth Sarda, Sangamalika Rajakumar, Ayushi Malik, Lakshya Jain, Matin Halai, Ananya Bawa, Nuzhat Fatima, Sonia Sangtani, Jairaj Singh, Ritika Susarla, Ashraya Maheshwar.


Former Members:

Shivani Mangal

Role: Editor-in-Chief (March 2018 – May 2018)




Saanchi Ahuja

Role: Creative Co-Head (March 2018 – May 2018)




The ABR operates under the ‘Business Vertical’ of Ashoka Business & Consultancy (ABC), which is headed by Rohan Chaudhuri and Vardhan Shah.

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